Country Studio Framing

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Picture frames, photos and artwork can easily be damaged by accident.

In most cases accidental damage can be restored or repaired depending on the level of damage incurred.

Frame Restoration
Where possible minor frame repairs are undertaken in the studio. Repairs to gilded frames are done by our highly qualified specialist restorers. All repairs are priced on an estimate basis. Experience has shown that only when working on the damage does the full extent of repair work required become evident. Where there may be an unexpected cost increase this will be discussed with you before proceeding with the work.
Photo Restoration

With improved technology it is now possible to (in most cases) remove creases, folds and scratches from old photographs.

The process used does not impact on the original photograph.

We do not normally post examples of restored photos as these are the personal property of our clients.

Contact us today to discuss your restoration project.

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