Mount Design

Challenge us to be creative.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have so much more. Carefully considered mount design enhances the visual impact of beautiful artwork. Whether the design is bold or subtle,  we will be able to show you examples and give guidance on what works and why.

Add Interest :

Use textures, layers and complimentary colours.

Colours and textures create subtle points of interest within a mount design. These are some of the interesting techniques available to highlight elements in artwork or accentuate hues and tones in the framed items.


Alice in Wonderland Stamps


Have Fun

Art and image framing does not have to be serious.

There are no rules or wrong way to frame art as long as no damage is caused to the framed item in the process. We are happy to discuss various options with you and offer guidance and advice.



Portrait Paper Cut



                                                                 Be Stylish

Original paper cut in a multi layered Art Deco style mount.



Double mount, hand finished bevels

The Mariner


or just be Adventerous

Choose one of our new mount styles.

We are constantly updating our library of mount designs and framing options. To view our latest creations please follow us on facebook. You are welcome to leave comments and feedback.






We will invest as much time as necessary with you to ensure that you are happy with the proposed design and fully understand the scope of work to be done.

We only use non invasive mounting techniques and take the best care possible of your precious artwork and memorabilia.

The only question is : How creative to you want to be?


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