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Buying Sculpture for your Home

Sculpture; created for hotel lobbies and Malibu mansions, right? Wrong! Sculpture looks great anywhere and is a fun and creative way of showcasing original art in your home. It’s not elitist, either. A little secret: sculpture can often be more affordable than its two...

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Understanding the A to Z of Framing Terminology

A ACID : A chemical substance with a pH of less than 7.0 ACID BURN : A permanent yellow or brown stain on paper art. Acid burn occurs when artwork is framed with paper materials that are not acid free. ACID ETCHED :  In glazing and decorative work, acid etching alters...

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Matting and Framing

Works of art and documents on paper are vulnerable to physical damage. They are easily torn, folded, and smudged. Works of art and documents on paper are also susceptible to chemical damage by components in paperboard and adhesives used to mat...

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A photograph can be one of many processes in which light-sensitive media are employed to create a visible image. The prevalence of photographs allows us to forget that they are potentially fragile objects. They are easily damaged by careless...

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Documents & Art on Paper

Documents, manuscripts, and works of art on paper such as prints, drawings, and watercolors are inherently fragile but can be easily and effectively protected from damage. Proper Care and Handling: Handle paper objects as little and as gently as possible. When doing...

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Throughout human history, textiles have played a rich part in the lives and traditions of people of all cultures. They have been constructed using a wide variety of materials and techniques. From natural fibers like cotton, silk, flax, and wool to regenerated or...

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Metal Objects

How to Protect Your Metal Objects :  Tools, jewelry, toys, sculpture, tableware, furniture, kitchenware, and almost any other item can be made from metal. Metals—gold, silver, copper alloy, pewter, and iron to name just a few—are produced from ores found in nature....

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Ceramic and Glass Objects

  Many special objects are made of ceramics or glass. These materials include porcelain, earthenware, “crystal,” pottery, and art glass to name just a few. Jewelry, dolls, sculpture, tableware, tiles, kitchenware, and many other items can be...

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Paintings are fragile creations which consist of various layers which require special care to ensure their continued preservation. The paint is applied to a support, typically canvas or wood, which is usually primed with a glue-sizing and/or ground layer. Traditional...

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How to Transport Picture Frames

I sometimes watch customers walk up the road with their freshly framed pictures. Not just because I'm a bit strange, but because I am constantly amazed at how the frames get treated once they leave the shop. Off the customer goes, swinging the frame about and dumping...

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