Hanging Artwork FAQ

Positioning Picture Hooks for Hanging Artwork

To hang your images in a way that will not harm them over time, we recommend hanging your frame using two picture hooks. Placing two wall hooks approx 100- 150mm in from either side will keep the frame stable on the wall and will lower the stress on all hangers. (see figure 1).













The use of two hooks will stop overloading of the frame which may cause the frame to warp. (see figure 2).


















General Hints & Tips :

    • Use wall fixings appropriate to for the type of wall on which the picture is to be hung

    • Regularly remove your picture from the wall and check the fixings on the frame and in the wall.

    • Do not hang your pictures on external walls

    • Do not hang pictures on walls which have been freshly plastered (rendered). The plaster should dry for at least 6 months before hanging pictures on the wall.

    • When hanging large pictures use 2 hooks on the wall to spread the load.

    • Use pads on the back of the pictures to keep the frame away from the wall thus ensuring adequate airflow around the back of the picture frame.

    • Do not hang pictures in direct sunlight as this may cause fading and condensation. This may encourage mold growth.

    • Do not hang pictures in damp environments such as kitchens and bathrooms unless they have been specifically framed for such environments. Specialist framing techniques may be required depending on environmental conditions.

    • Regularly dust the back of your picture frames.

    • If in doubt about anything please take your picture frame to your framer for assessment.

    • When cleaning glass always use an approved glass cleaner and a lint free cloth. Do Not spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass or allow glass cleaning liquid to flow between the glass and the frame. This may damage the frame and/or your artwork. It is best if the glass cleaner is sprayed onto a lint free cloth first before cleaning the glass

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