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Picture Frame care

When did you last take all your pictures off of the wall? Checking the condition of your frames should be done regularly.  We recommend that you inspect your artwork and pictures regularly year. Please take them off of the wall at least once a year for a good clean and inspection. Failure to do so may result in your pictures being in danger of irrepairable damage.

Mildew, mould and water or damp can cause serious damage to precious photos, artwork and collectables.

Things to look out for:

  • Brownish spots on the glass and mount or artwork.
  • Red spots or water damage on the back of the frame.
  • Tape coming off on the back of the frame.

Are you are concerned or unsure about the condition of your pictures or is the frame is more than 5 years old? If so, then Country Studio Framing offer an obligation free assessment and appraisal service.

Please make an appointment for us to assist you.

Glass - What are my options?

Gone are the days when choosing glass for yor frame was relatively simple. We now have a number of specialist glass options available and Country Studio Framing will be happy to discuss these with you and make recommendations if required.

For further information on the various specialist glass availalbe please refer to the Float Glass, Artglass and Turveu sections below:

Glass Cleaning : Never spray glass cleaning fluid directly onto picture frame glass. Please spray the cleaning fluid onto a lint free cloth and then wipe the glass.

Float Glass

Basic Float Glass: This is the glass which has traditionally been used in picture framing:

Features : Relatively high iron content, no anti reflective or UV filtering properties.

Super Clear Glass: Float glass manufactured using a low-iron substrate to improve clarity and reduce colour distortion without the extra cost of an anti-reflective coating. Recommended for applications where colour accuracy and cost are the imprortant factors.

Features: Clarity, easy to clean.


Artglass WW UV : Designed for use when framing precious originals. This glass features a multiple layer coating on a water white substrate to reduce reflections and preserve the artwork. Recommended for all applications where accurate colour transmissiona dnimage clarity are a top priority.

Features : UV protection 90%. Virtually invisible, durable, extra clear, easy to clean.

Artglass WW AR Manufactured using a water white substrate and a top quality, multipe layer coating. This glass strikes the perfect balance between clarity, UV-protection and affordability. Recommended for all applications where accurate colour transmission and image clarity are a top priority.

Features: UV protection 70%. Virtually invisible, durable, extra clear, easy to use

Artglass UV99: Glass combines superb clarity with the best possible UV proection. Highly valued among industry professionals and museums. Recommended for applications where UV protection and image clarity are of utmost iportance.

Features : UV protection 99%. Virtually invisible, easy to clean.

Artglass Preservation Clear: Minimises fading caused by harmful UV radiation without the extra cost of an anti reflective coating. Recommended for applications where protection from UV and keeping down costs are the key conserns.

Features : UV protection 99%, durable, clairty, easy to clean.

Information provided by Centrado Trading Ltd

Tru Vue

Conservation Clear : Designed to reduce fading by blocking 99% UV radiation without the cost of anti-reflective coatings. Recommended for applications where preserving artwork is the main concern.

Features : UV protection 99%, clarity, easy to clean.

Tru Vue Museum : Combines anti-reflective coating with 99%UV block to produce a glass suited to top quality artwork. Recommended for applications where preserving artwork without reflection is the main concern.

Features : UV protection 99%, clarity,

Picture Hanging Information

Positioning Picture Hooks for Hanging Artwork: To hang your images in a way that will not harm them over time, we recommend hanging your frame using two picture hooks. Placing two wall hooks approx 100 to 150mm in from either side will keep the frame stable on the wall and will lower the stress on all hangers. (see figure 1).  The use of two hooks will stop overloading the frame which may cause the frame to warp. (see figure 2)

General Hints & Tips: 

  • Use wall fixings appropriate for the type of wall on which the picture is to be hung.
  • Regularly remove your picture from the wall and check the fixings on the frame and in the wall.
  • Do not hang your pictures on external walls.
  • Do not hang  pictures on walls which have been freshly plastered (rendered). The plaster should dry for at least 6 months before hanging pictures on the wall.
  • When hanging large pictures use 2 hooks on the wall to spread the load.
  • Use pads on the back of the pictures to keep the frame away from the wall thus ensuring adequate airflow around the back of the picture frame.
  • Do not hang pictures in direct sunlight as this may cause fading and condensation. This may encourage mold growth.
  • Do not hang pictures in damp environments such as kitchens and bathrooms unless they have been specifically framed for such environments. Specialist framing techniques may be required depending on environmental conditions.
  • Regularly dust the back of your picture frames.
  • If in doublt about anything please take your picture frame to your framer for assessment

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